17th BCHOD's Conference, First ATSWG Meeting, Tirana, 21 - 23 February 2024

In accordance with the timeline for the preparation of the 17th Balkan Countries CHOD’s Conference, the 1st ATSWG meeting was held in Tirana from 21 to 23 February 2024. The meeting was chaired by Colonel Xhevahir Kërxhaliu as the ATSWG leading member of the hosting Capital. At this meeting, present in person were the representatives of Ankara, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje and Sofia.
The meeting was held at the “Tirana International Hotel” Conference Room in Tirana. The opening remarks were offered by the Director of General Staff Brigadier General Aleksandër Pando. He welcomed all ATS WG members wishing them successful work and fruitful discussion.
ATSWG meeting proceeded as per agenda and was held in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.
After fruitful discussion, ATSWG members agreed for further negotiations on some paragraphs of the draft version of the "Annual Intelligence Assessment on the Asymmetric Threats in the Balkans 2023/2024", and the final version of the document will be adopted during the 2nd ATSWG meeting.
ATSWG members agreed upon the Minutes and signed this document in Tirana on 22 FEB 2024.
The 2nd ATSWG meeting will take place in Durrës, Albania on 17-19 April 2024.