17th BCHOD Conference, First ETESWG Meeting, Tirana, 07 - 09 February 2024

In accordance with the timeline for the preparation of the 17th Balkan Countries CHOD’s Conference, the 1st ETESWG meeting was held in Tirana from 07 to 09 February 2024. The meeting was chaired by Colonel Elton Bregu as the ETESWG leading member of the hosting Capital. At this meeting, present in person were the representatives of Ankara, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje and Sofia.
The meeting was held at the MAK Albania Hotel Conference Room in Tirana.
The opening remarks were offered by the Director of Operations and Training Directorate, Colonel Elton Bregu. He emphasized the importance and the accomplishments of our cooperation since exercises are the most significant part of the regional partnership in general and the BCHOD Initiative in particular.
Colonel Bregu outlined that the ETESWG is a key tool of the Balkan Countries’ CHODs in their goal to develop military partnership amongst our armed forces.
The Director expressed on behalf of the Albanian CHOD and his own behalf great appreciation to all ETESWG members for their contribution and support to this event in preparation of the 17th CHOD Conference.
During the meeting, the ETESWG 2024 task list was reviewed as assigned by the Coordination Group of the Initiative. All tasks were acknowledged and concurred as per the discussions that followed.
Tirana presented the Lessons Learned during activities that were conducted in 2023, like “Strong Balkan-23” and the “EOD Activity”.
Skopje confirmed hosting the annual common exercise and presented the “Wise Wolf -24” exercise aim, intent, draft task org, planning and execution timeline.
ETESWG meeting proceeded as per agenda and was held in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.
The 2nd ETESWG meeting will take place in Durrës, Albania on 16-18 April 2018.