16th Conference, Third Coordination Group Meeting, Sofia, April 26-28, 2023

The 3rd Coordination Group (CG) meeting was held in Sofia from 26th to 28th April 2023 with the following main objectives:
- Review and endorsement of the ETESWG Annual report;
- Review and endorsement of the ATSWG Annual report;
- Discussion and endorsement of the CG Annual report;
- Discussion and drafting the Joint Statement;
The CG reviewed and amended the ETESWG Annual Report and ATSWG Annual Report.
The CG drafted the CG Annual Report and 16th BCHODs Conference’s Joint Statement.
Tirana presented a Draft Calendar for the 17th BCHODs Conference. The CG members agreed to send their comments by 31 May 2023.
Updated Programme of the 16th BCHODs Conference was presented by Sofia. The HN will inform as soon as possible the members of CG in case of the necessity to make any changes in the Programme.
CG members conducted a Site survey of the Conference Venue -Boyana Complex, Sofia.
The CG members agreed upon the Minutes and signed the document in Sofia on 28 April 2023.